Material Kitchen Review: Elevate Your Culinary Experience with Quality Cookware

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Exclsuive | Free Sponge Nyc Scrubbie on Orders $45+

Exclsuive | Free Sponge Nyc Scrubbie on Orders $45+


Free Shipping Orders Over $35

Free Shipping Orders Over $35

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60-day Trial, Guaranteed for Life

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Save $20 On The Knives + Stand

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$45 Discount On The Copper Set

Both new and seasoned homeowners can benefit from stunning and functional kitchenware essentials. Don’t let the neighbors get you down with their boring products from whatever home decor stores they settled for—style doesn’t settle, and neither should you. 

If you want to elevate your kitchenware, check out Material Kitchen’s line of sophisticated and simplistic products made for the contemporary home. They’ve garnered a 33k following on their Instagram page and nearly 2k likes on their Facebook page, which is quite promising, given that the brand launched just three years ago. 

Material Kitchen has been spotlighted by several reputable media sources. This includes NY MagReal Simple, Business Insider, ForbesArchitectural Digest, and Goop, among many more. 

Let our comprehensive Material Kitchen review be your guide to determining whether the brand will accompany you on your next cuisine chronicles. Ahead, you’ll find useful pieces of information such as customer and product reviews, pros and cons, FAQs, and policy breakdowns, among several other useful tidbits. 

Overview of Material Kitchen

Eunice Byun partnered with her longtime friend Dave Nguynen to launch Material Kitchen in 2018. The duo was inspired by their families who brought a lot of love to the table during meal times. And so, they wanted to marry that positive and warm energy with their passion for design and good quality kitchenware.  

The brand launched with its flagship Material Kitchen Fundamentals set, which quickly gained popularity among consumers. All of its products and materials are sourced and manufactured globally in the US, Europe, South Korea, and China. 

Material Kitchen ships to the continental US and Canada from its website, and sells its products in retailers such as West Elm, Anthropologie and Verishop. 

We have a lot for you to see in our Material Kitchen Review, but before we get into that, take a look at these initial pros and cons of the brand: 


  • High-quality cookware and dinnerware (pots, knives, plates, accessories, and more)  
  • Aesthetically pleasing designs 
  • Knives and bases are offered in multiple finishes 
  • Curated sets make shopping convenient for first-time homeowners and gift-givers 
  • More affordable range than some of its competitors
  • 60-day return policy that is seemingly unrestricted 
  • Ships internationally


  • No promotions or sales at this moment 

Material Kitchen Cookware Review

When I was younger, I thought that you could use the same pot for everything. In short, I was wrong—the quality of the cookware determines the quality of the food. You will see in our Material Kitchen review that the brand offers many essentials, including these two popular picks mentioned below. 

Material Kitchen Sauce Pot Review

The 3-quart Material Kitchen Sauce Pot is a jack-of-all-trades pot that can easily cook sauces, rice, vegetables, stocks, and more. It features a copper core for even heat distribution. Plus, the 5-ply steel, oven-friendly, dishwasher-safe construction makes it every bit as durable as it is shiny and aesthetically pleasing. 

Who said cooking dinner for one had to be a sad affair? Even if you’re simply boiling an egg to throw into a delicious bowl of ramen, you’ll enjoy doing it in style with the Sauce Pot. Just remember, it’s never a good idea to hold a hot piece of cookware immediately under cold water after use. Let it cool down while you catch up on your favorite show. 

The Sauce Pot retails for $95 on the brand’s website. 

Material Kitchen Saute Pan Review

Never settle for a lacklustre sauté again with the Material Kitchen Saute Pan. It’s designed with a copper core surrounded by 5 layers for a speedy and even heat distribution. Tall edges and a secure lid ensure that the contents of the pan never end up on your clothes or your stovetop. 

The dishwasher safe and forever shiny Saute Pan sells for the price of $105. There are two cherries on top with this model: one, you can transfer it from a stove to the oven as long as the temperature isn’t higher than 500 F. 

And two, there are size marks engraved on the interior already so you can put that bulky measuring cup back in the cupboard (less dishes to wash later!). 

Material Kitchen Knives Review

A good knife is a must-have in any self-respecting home-owners arsenal. Our selection of popular Material Kitchen knives has you covered, regardless of whether you need a smooth or serrated kitchen tool. 

Material Kitchen 8” Knife Review

You’ll be thrilled with the feel of the perfectly-constructed 8” Knife, which can be tailored with a handle in one of 3 colors: neutral, almost black, and blue grey. The razor-sharp knife is made of 3 layers of Japanese steel for superior strength and longevity. 

This Material Kitchen 8 Knife also features a comfort-grip stain-resistant handle for ease of use. You can use it to chop vegetables for a quick stir-fry or mince garlic for a savoury sauce. Those who are feeling more carnivorous can relish in the experience of butchering meat or carving Thanksgiving turkey with precision. 

The 8” Knife sells for $75 at checkout. If you want to practice your chopping techniques on a reliable surface, the Material Kitchen slanted cutting board can act as the perfect companion.

Material Kitchen Serrated 6” Knife Review

If you want to easily slice through crispy crusty breads and juicy ripe tomatoes, the Serrated 6” Knife is what you need. 3 layers of Japanese steel are cut with a wavy-toothed design that tapers to a super sharp Santoku-inspired tip. 

The comfort-grip handle comes in the following colors: neutral, almost black, blue grey, and blush. This eye-catching update would easily become a conversation starter at any dinner party. Let your guests take turns trying out the Serrated 6” Knife; they’ll never want to return to their blunt instruments. 

Get yours on the brand’s site for $60, and don’t forget to check out an equally stylish Material Kitchen cutting board while you’re at it!  

Material Kitchen Sets Review

Sets are great for when you are moving into a new place, redecorating, or simply just adding to your kitchenware collection. Or perhaps you are trying to find a gift for your friend’s housewarming party; who knows! This Material Kitchen review will explore some best-selling sets that are sure to please.

Material Kitchen The Iconics Review

The Material Kitchen The Iconics Set features all of the essentials included in The Fundamentals, plus a few more useful pieces. Smooth, refined, and compact, it comprises the following tools: 

  • 8” knife
  • Serrated 6” knife
  • 4” knife
  • Tongs
  • Wooden spoon
  • Metal spoon
  • Slotted spatula
  • Slotted spoon
  • Air whisk

Lastly, Material Kitchen also provides buyers with a base that comes in three finish options: walnut, midnight black and walnut, and maple beech. You can also customize the handles in one of three colors as well. When everything is laid out on the kitchen counter, your heart just might start to sing! 

Elevate your culinary skills with The Iconics Set for $245.

Material Kitchen Trio of Knives Review

The only knife trio you will ever need comes with an 8” knife, a 4” knife, and a serrated 6” knife—all made with three layers of durable Japanese steel. The stain-resistant composite handle features a matte design and a comfortable fit to help you easily prepare any dish you endeavor to. 

Purchase the Trio of Knives in cool neutral, almost black, and blue grey colors for $155. To round out the collection, we recommend considering the Material Kitchen Good Scissors. These will come in handy when one of your three knives are in the dishwasher—helping you quickly chop up some cilantro or scallions for garnish. 

Material Kitchen Sharpener Review

The ‘foolproof’ handheld Material Kitchen The Sharpener can bring any of your knives up to speed, so long as they do not feature a single-beveled or a serrated edge. 

In order to sharpen, hold your knife in one hand and rest the sharpener firmly against a flat surface. Place the wide end of the blade into the slot and move the knife slowly towards you (do not use a sawing motion). Repeat this process 3 to 10 times depending on the desired level of sharpness. 

The brand offers this handy little tool for the price of $15. It’s a real steal! 

Material Kitchen Stand Review

The scary thing about most stands is that they do not securely lock your knives into place. You won’t have to worry about that with the sleek and simplistic Material Kitchen knife Stand, which features a powerful magnet that is hidden behind the heavy-duty natural wood.

The appealing design can be finished in either walnut or midnight black. Honestly, it’s as much a piece of transcendental architecture as it is a kitchen counter organizer. Purchase this highly-rated Material Kitchen magnetic utensil holder for $75.

Material Kitchen Base Review

The ultra-modern Base can be finished in walnut, maple, or midnight black, depending on the vibe you aim to create in your home. It holds knives securely with a concealed magnet and features additional space for other utensils, making it a great organizer. 

This versatile Material Kitchen knife Base retails for $60. Want a bonus tip? The next time you order takeout, throw the extra pair of chopsticks into the block to use later. 

Who is Material Kitchen For?

Material Kitchen’s collection is for the contemporary homeowner. If you love looking at aesthetically pleasing, minimalistic designs that embody ‘when form meets functionality’, then you will love the brand. 

If that sounds exciting, you’d be pleased to know that our Material Kitchen review provides just a glimpse of their extensive line of kitchenware essentials.

Material Kitchen Promotions & Discounts 

At this time, it doesn’t look like there are many sales, promotions, or discounts on the company’s site, aside from the free shipping they offer on continental US orders $35+. This Material Kitchen review recommends following them on social media to keep up to date with future deals! 


Where is Material Kitchen Made? 

Material Kitchen products and materials are sourced and manufactured in locations all over the world, including the US, Europe, South Korea, and China.

What is Material Kitchen’s Shipping Policy?

Material Kitchen currently ships to addresses in the continental United States and Canada. If you desire to place an international order, email [email protected] with your details.  

Continental US customers get free UPS ground shipping on orders $35+. Orders under this amount are charged a flat $5 shipping fee. 

For Canada, shipping charges include duties and customs. The total will be determined at checkout. 

What is Material Kitchen’s Return Policy?

This Material Kitchen review discovered the brand’s 60-day trial window online. If you are still unsatisfied with your order after two months, simply email the customer service team at [email protected] with your order number. Refunds may take up to 7–10 days to process. 

How to Contact Material Kitchen

We hope you enjoyed reading this Material Kitchen review! If you have any questions, feel free to email the brand at [email protected] or find them on their socials @materialkitchen.

Natasha Chung

Natasha Chung