Lacoste Review - Discover the Lovely Collaboration with Peanut Comic Strip

Dive into our comprehensive Lacoste review and explore the delightful collaboration with the Peanut comic strip. Discover how Lacoste has beautifully infused the iconic characters and charm of Peanut into their collection. From playful designs to timeless style, experience the unique blend of fashion and pop culture. Read our review and immerse yourself in the world of Lacoste's.

Before introducing the ecstatic partnership of clothing, let's gather some fruitful insights into one of the most famous sports & fashion brands in this Lacoste review.

From the beginning, Lacoste has been playing an important role in providing elegant sportswear amalgamated with a touch of pure fashion. A lot of us try to grab almost everything from the same store. If you have unluckily never visited Lacoste, it's beyond a high recommendation because once you step in the store, there is no coming back empty-handed. Lacoste possesses an energetic spirit that's transferred to the clothing they prepare for men, women, and children. Any age group and smart clothing is the need, Lacoste is the name! It's that simple.

In this detailed post, you will be reading about a brief history of Lacoste, Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz, Lacoste x Peanuts collaboration, Lacoste Polos, and Lacoste coupon code.

About Lacoste

Sourced from the essence of French indigeneity, Lacoste S.A. was founded by René Lacoste (a tennis player) and André Gillier (an entrepreneur). Even though the team looks non-productive, it's all about sheer passion and decision making. From the alleys of Troyes, France, both founders of this brand spectate the condition of clothing among young men and women. The diminishing of fashion and boring wardrobe acted as a trigger that paved the way to today's biggest sports x fashion clothing store.

About Lacoste

The Crocodile? Yeah, it came from the tenacity of René Lacoste on the tennis court. Just like a crocodile doesn't step back from winning the fight, René Lacoste used to do the same. Lacoste, for almost 80 years, never looked back. The brand's persistence on the right way is the biggest key to success because in that tenure, when Lacoste launched its first clothing product, the brand wasn't alone. There were numerous competitors who lingered in the middle of the track.

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In the last 20 years, French designer Christopher Lemaire set the benchmark of excellence, and it's his efforts that made Lacoste a modern hub of sports x fashion for men, women, and children. Apart from the designing, sales, and branding, Lacoste kept its legacy of sportsmanship by making Novak Djokovic the brand ambassador. He instantly caught the spotlight as the new "crocodile".

In 2019, collaboration took place between Lacoste and Supreme that surged the traffic of the millennials and Gen Z.

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About Peanuts

Peanuts is a comic strip that follows the criteria of humour, satire, and children genre. Written and elucidated by Mr Charles M. Schulz, Peanuts highlighted the normal social community where a group of young children displayed distinct roles and responsibilities. There was no influence of adults on the children, and that's how Peanuts entered the entertainment and literature sphere of kids.

Peanuts has become a big part of today's kids' academic life as well. This was proved in 2018 when Peanuts collaborated with NASA to foster space education and aeronautics among young students. Although Peanuts' satirical comedy is complex on a psychological basis, still a lot of native parents share the lessons and comedy chunks with their younger generation. That's how Peanuts, which was first launched in 1950, is bringing colours to the lives of today busy population.

Lacoste x Peanuts Collaboration

Think of it like this: A brand that offers sporty fashion in clothing for men, women, and children. A comic strip that's 70+ years old but still reviving the young blood from the classical humour and children's philosophy. When both of these elements combine together, miracles happen. And one miracle was first seen in October 2022 that you know about in the upcoming Lacoste x Peanuts review.

Lacoste x Peanuts Collaboration

It's the third time Lacoste and Peanuts took a step forward together to satiate the desire of today's young generation. There's nothing wrong with remembering the classical comic strip wherever you are. That's why Lacoste's minimalist wardrobes are now glowing with the humorist characters of Peanuts.

One thing you shouldn't forget is that Lacoste x Peanuts collaboration targets the whole family. Mom, Dad, Son, Daughter, there's something for everyone and everything for someone!

The ready-to-wear attire, footwear, accessories, and leather goods are in high demand because that's how the true passion for something shows its efforts.

Unisex Lacoste L!VE x Peanuts Loose Fit Hoodie

Unisex Lacoste L!VE x Peanuts Loose Fit Hoodie - Price: $185 at Lacoste

Lacoste's partnership with Peanuts is seriously taking the online fashion platforms by storm. While the people are welcoming the winter season, Lacoste is hitting the target with the right potential. The unisex loose fit hoodie is what Generation Z and Alpha were waiting for. On the front, two main characters from Peanuts can be recognized easily. Even though both of the characters were halved at first and then sewn together, the love for Peanuts will make the picture clear for the true Peanuts lovers.

This hoodie is available in grey chine with an organic cotton fleece texture. It's 100% cotton, and the loose fit will do justice for all the men, women, and kids.

Unisex Lacoste x Peanuts Organic Cotton Sweatshirt

Unisex Lacoste x Peanuts Organic Cotton Sweatshirt - Price: $185 at Lacoste

Time to enjoy the chilled winds in the Peanuts collection. With the perfectly knitted stretching bands and cool finishing, every stitch of this sweatshirt is full of satirical messages from the Peanuts comic strip. It's the new go for the modern kids.

This clothe works perfectly well in the winter-autumn season. The hem and closing of the sleeves are elastic for a better fit. Moreover, the embroidered Lacoste logo is prominent on the front. Use the Lacoste coupon code to get your favourite Lacoste x Peanuts collection at discounted rates.

Women's Lacoste x Peanuts Crew-Neck Organic Cotton Sweatshirt

Women's Lacoste x Peanuts Crew-Neck Organic Cotton Sweatshirt - Price: $185 at Lacoste

Yes, this sweatshirt is for the feminine audience. It's not about the colour, but the hidden vibe in this Lacoste x Peanuts featured sweatshirt. It's made of pure cotton. The surprising effect of this crew neck women wardrobe gives additional chic to the wearer. Also, the size is regular in the fitting.

Featured Peanuts characters:




Peppermint Patti






All of them are displayed on the front of the sweatshirt. It's available in two colours: Pink and Green.

Unisex Lacoste L!VE x Peanuts Loose Fit T-shirt

Unisex Lacoste L!VE x Peanuts Loose Fit T-shirt - Price: $85 at Lacoste 

Impeccable clothing straight from the premium wardrobe of Lacoste x Peanuts collection! Just like the hoodie you saw before, this tee shares equal elegance. Only the seasonal difference decides what to wear.

You can match it with a charming pair of pyjamas and a winter cap. The front of the t-shirt gives you a 50-50 combined portray of Peanuts famous characters. It's the best choice for a birthday, farewell, or graduation gift to your friend or cousin.

Unisex Lacoste L!VE Lacoste x Peanuts Quilted Vest

Unisex Lacoste L!VE Lacoste x Peanuts Quilted Vest - Price: $362.13 at Lacoste

The ideal choice for this winter! For the third time, Peanuts classical winter clothing with Lacoste has brought amazing responses, especially from the young audience. This quilted vest displays the cute pattern on Charlie Brown's t-shirt from Peanuts comic strip. This vest is capable of keeping the inside warm regardless of the temperature. The comfy nature of this beautiful outerwear gives tranquillity as the size perfectly fits your body. No irritation, no grumpiness, just rocking here & there!

The hood is removable, which means that whenever you want, just unplug the hooding feature and enjoy the winter in normal style. The fabric is lightweight and water-resistant.

Women's Jump Serve Lace Lacoste x Peanuts Trainers

Women's Jump Serve Lace Lacoste x Peanuts Trainers - Price: $105 at Lacoste

Consider this pair of cute Lacoste x Peanuts trainers unisex or for-girls only, these trainers are commendable because of the manufacturing and design. The pair of trainers are made up of recycled polyester. Keeping the mundane entities safe from pollution, Lacoste x Peanuts collaborated not only to bring happiness to the physical world but to the mental fitness by embedding René Lacoste's famous words and the crocodile on the super-duper trainers.

Currently, the only combination of colours is green & white. The seamless finishing of these shoes is the reason why every young woman can't stop her from loving them.

Unisex Lacoste L!VE Graphic Wool Blend Pompom Beanie

Unisex Lacoste L!VE Graphic Wool Blend Pompom Beanie - Price: $70 at Lacoste

It's the chance to make the most of this winter. While a lot of people love shopping their cold season attires, the Lacoste x Peanuts collaboration never stays back. And to equip you completely for the cold breeze, the wool blend pompom beanie is here to protect you from the severity of the notorious winds.

The knitting of this winter cap is effortless, with a crocodile being prominent on the blue fold. The classical aesthetic represents the true value of winter clothing by Lacoste. The designers enhanced the cuteness of your personality by giving a pompom beanie on top of your cap.

Lacoste Polos

Let's have a look at some of the spectacular wardrobes from the Lacoste Polos collection.

Women's Lacoste x Peanuts Regular Fit Organic Cotton Polo Shirt

Women's Lacoste x Peanuts Regular Fit Organic Cotton Polo Shirt - Price: $145 at Lacoste

As you may have missed saying that Polos are not the end, they are the beginning; the beginning of the trend, it's true about Lacoste Polo that the brand reinvented its collection named the Lacoste x Peanuts collaboration.

The white (also available in pink) Polo for women is an icon of sublimity. The internal chemistry of a human being always calls for simplicity, and Polos has it all. Just a logo of crocodile and you will understand something extraordinarily dashing is on the way towards your closet.

Unisex Lacoste L!VE x Peanuts Loose Fit Polo Shirt

Unisex Lacoste L!VE x Peanuts Loose Fit Polo Shirt - Price: $85 at Lacoste

Polos have never been so chic like this year's winter-autumn season. It's time to get Lacoste Polos for less because the time is limited, and you have to ace more than you can ever imagine. Explore the world of dreams, success, and fitness in this superb clothing collection by Lacoste x Peanuts.

The unisex nature of this loose fit Polo shirt is highly commended across the globe. The whole shirt is full of Peanuts comic shots that make sure that the person who is wearing this tee is a diehard fan of the Peanuts comic strip.

Girls' Lacoste x Peanuts Cotton Piqué Polo Dress

Girls' Lacoste x Peanuts Cotton Piqué Polo Dress - Price: $85 at Lacoste

Just like Lacoste Polo shirts for men, there is always something more beautiful for the other gender. The classical stitching with Peanuts comic highlights on the front and back gives a ravishing touch to the wearer. The regular cut sleeves and standard Polo collars are what our instincts demand in the first place.

To enjoy the real passion, this tee gives you an ecstatic vibe that fulfils all of your demands if you are coming from the background of Peanuts comic lovers. Easy, simple, and chic clothing by Lacoste x Peanuts.

Men's Lacoste x Peanuts Classic Fit Organic Cotton Piqué Polo Shirt

Men's Lacoste x Peanuts Classic Fit Organic Cotton Piqué Polo Shirt - Price: $85 at Lacoste

Getting some kind of reminiscence? That's right! It's the pattern worn by Charlie Brown in the evergreen comic strip Peanuts. This winter to autumn tenure, you will be seeing more of these clothing fashions because Lacoste x Peanuts collaboration is getting real for the third time. Amazing, isn't it?

Men's Lacoste SPORT Tennis Regular fit Polo Shirt in ultra-lightweight knit

Men's Lacoste SPORT Tennis Regular fit Polo Shirt - Price: $89 at Lacoste

In case if this Polo shirt is unavailable, what you can do is keep on checking the availability of this mesmerizing piece of elegance because sometimes the store will tell you that the specific item is out of stock, but in reality, that's just an error.

Customers' Reviews

"I'm literally reliving the era of my childhood with my grandparents! By wearing the Peanuts collection, it feels so good, like it was yesterday when Charlie Brown was my ideal."

"Absolutely fine piece of clothing by Lacoste x Peanuts! I witnessed their 2nd collaboration too and they made a huge success from business and overall reverence point of view."

"Love the partnership. My kids are now more interested than me in checking new fashion for the young generation. It's not bothering me because the discounts do help me in buying what's on-trend."

Final Thoughts

Lacoste never surrenders when fashion is on the rise. Instead, the brand launches something that no one can ever imagine. Just like that, this winter-autumn season, the Lacoste x Peanuts collection is dominating the clothing market. Men, women, and children who love sporty fashion are now considering buying wardrobes that share the valuable highlights of the comic strip Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz.

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