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Explore our comprehensive review of Neiman Marcus and discover the world of high-end fashion. From luxury clothing to designer accessories, Neiman Marcus offers a curated selection of top-tier brands. Uncover the quality craftsmanship, exquisite designs, and impeccable style that make Neiman Marcus a go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts.

The contemporary everyday fashion for today's women and men! At Neiman Marcus, it's improbable that you won't find the top fashion brand at an incredibly reduced price. The Neiman Marcus review will share everything you want to know: brand's history, product range, Black Friday sales, and much more.


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Since its old-school establishment, Neiman Marcus continued the legacy of bringing the latest fashion equipped with ultra-luxurious accessories. In the coming section, we'll find out how Neiman Marcus steadfastly faced every challenge that tried to hinder its business progress.

Neiman Marcus History

The story began in 1907 when Herbert Marcus Sr., Carrie Marcus Neiman (his sister), and her husband A. L. Neiman took a step together and started this business. They had a common vision at that time: To upgrade the community's clothing sense by giving them fashion that's affordable yet attractive. The business grew larger, and in 1913, a misfortune happened. A deadly fire brought the whole building down.

Neiman Marcus Logo

The company stood up again, this time with more energy. After a few years, the family-oriented business became stable enough to expand the venture. The first big thing was organizing a fashion show. By doing that, Neiman Marcus was featured on Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, becoming an attraction for thousands of fashionistas. In 1938, Neiman Marcus was awarded the Oscar of the fashion industry – The Neiman Marcus Award for Distinguished Service in the Field of Fashion.

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Fast forward to 1972, when Bergdorf Goodman became a part of the Neiman Marcus family

in New York City. After two years, Stanley Marcus published two of his best creation of art:

Minding the Store and its sequel Quest for the Best. It's quite rare that a person involved in

the fashion business since childhood pens books.

Minding the Store

It depicts the relationship between a common man and the effect of a clothing store's frequent celebrations that fostered a sense of upgrading clothes and fashion. It reads how business perceptions play an important role in starting a company that deals with an ever-changing paradigm while the root cause remains constant.

Quest for the Best

It continued the words of wisdom from Herbert Marcus penned through Stanley Marcus. The legacy kept growing as it transferred the vision of making Neiman Marcus a reflection of the word "excellence." While people struggled in finding what was good and better, Neiman Marcus drew a line that separated the average and the best apart.


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In 1984, Neiman Marcus became the pioneer in introducing a customer loyalty program from the luxury retailer. Today, you can witness how every other department store is following the track of the Neiman Marcus loyalty program scheme.

Online Presence

1999 was the year when Neiman Marcus launched That didn't only boost overall business but also gave customers to enjoy shopping online and check the latest updates regarding sales and promotions. The online catalog is full of luxury brands and top-level designer's collections.

In 2014, the brains behind Neiman Marcus streamlined customers' online shopping experience by launching the Neiman Marcus app on the Apple store. After one year, Neiman Marcus became a global e-commerce platform for the people in China and UAE

Let's have a look at some of the trending women's clothing.


Women's Varetta Admiral Crepe Sheath Dress, Black

Women's Varetta Admiral Crepe Sheath Dress, Black - Price: $375 At Neiman Marcus

This crepe dress shares pure minimal values and an elegant style. The batteau neckline with a scoop back is what makes this dress delicate. Once you wear it, you will feel highly charismatic. There is a hidden zipper at the back that finalizes your fitting in this pretty crepe dress. The texture is imported from Italy.

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Johny Was Plus

Plus Size Jungle Tunic Coverup Dress

Plus Size Jungle Tunic Coverup Dress - Price: $248 At Neiman Marcus 

Fond of wearing a blend of cute colors? The Tunic Coverup Dress is the best for you. From the amazing talent of Johny Was Plus inventory, this beautiful dress gives you a feeling of cocktail printed on your skin. So slight in weight, pure in quality, and dazzling on your body! The sleeves are flared longer than other outerwear. The neckline is cut in V-shape, giving you a modern look. No additional ornaments, just you with the knee-length hem tunic coverup dress.

The North Face

New Dealio Down Short Jacket

New Dealio Down Short Jacket - Price: $250 At Neiman Marcus 

The North Face innovatively discovers new methods to spread fashion in footwear, equipment, and performance clothing. This brand had also received recognition from famous mountaineers and trekking groups because the snowy peaks still remember when The North Face gave them a visit.

This short jacket is the epitome of heavy winter fashion. The best feature of this cozy jacket is that women's clothing suits very well regardless of the magnitude of the matching factor. The lightweight short jacket looks so amazing, even on your regular dresses. The texture is imported with the endurance to be completely washed in machines.

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Butterfly-Embroidered Wool Sweater

Butterfly-Embroidered Wool Sweater - Price: $3,200 At Neiman Marcus

From the skillful hands of Valentino Garavani, this super luxurious sweater is made of Italian wool and expert craftsmanship. Forget the embroidery for a moment, and you will see the whole universe is worshipping you in this Valentino knit sweater. It holds the opulent touch of the hereditary essence of Valentino Garavani. And when you consider the butterfly-embroidery, you can experience the finest vibe wearing a sweater like never before.

Neiman Marcus Black Friday Sale

Have a look at some of the hottest clothing in the Neiman Marcus Black Friday category.

Kobi Halperin

Hunter Printed Midi Dress

Hunter Printed Midi Dress - Price: $498 At Neiman Marcus

Kobi Halperin shares beautiful textiles and embellishments in women's clothing lists. While the normalization is in progress, this brand is emotionally attaching the values of luxury dressing with the ever-changing fashion industry. You can have a royal collection of fur, leather, silk, drapey twills, jersey, and lace at Kobi Halperin.

The hunter midi dress is beautiful and efficient at the same time. It gives you room for formal events and cozy evenings. There is a tie at the waist, giving you a more contemporary look, unlike other traditional midi dresses. With the hidden zipper, you can adjust the amount of fixed pressure from your back. This dress is trending in the Neiman Marcus Black Friday collection.


Men's Sherpa Trucker Jacket 

Men's Sherpa Trucker Jacket - Price: $595 At Neiman Marcus 

Vince is a renowned name for giving men their simplest desired clothing. With a minimal approach, you can get luxury clothing pieces with a touch of excellence in every atom made by Vince.

The Sherpa trucker jacket for men is high in style but apparently shares no glare of ornaments. It's because the fulfillment of desire is not in add-one, but in the primary clothing luxury. Everything comes after that. You can pair it with your comfortable trousers, stylish denim, favorite tee, sneakers, and bon voyage.

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Rag & Bone

Men's Shatter-Print T-Shirt 

Men's Shatter-Print T-Shirt - Price: $125 At Neiman Marcus

The style every middle to senior-aged man longs for! The timelessness of Rag & Bone is speechless. With so much design and talent in the fashion industry, the loyal employees at Rag & Bone have understood the real sense of men's fashion. Their tables are full of highly experienced craftsmen who not only give exceptional clothing ideas but keep on discovering what a man of today actually wants in his closet.

The tee is stitched with a simple crew neckline and short sleeves. With the shatter print on the chest, you will feel every moment of excellence committed by Neiman Marcus forefathers. The fit is in classical style, and the fabric is imported from Peru.

Sweaty Betty

Betty Base Layer Top

Betty Base Layer Top - Price: $108 At Neiman Marcus

Cute and alluring at the same time! The Portugal-made texture suits perfectly well with the betty base layer top. This clothing is suitable for attending events in winter. The high neckline gives an extremely beautiful look. The overall fitting is a slim fit, with every knitting resonating with the movement of your body.

Customers' Reviews

"I ordered the Sherpa trucker jacket, and it arrived on time. The quality is adorable with no compensation. I loved the durability of the fabric as it's better than ordinary jackets for men."

"The wool sweater by Valentino is undoubtedly exquisite! I bought one for my daughter and she is now attached with the beautiful butterfly embroidery."

"Superb collection of clothing! I checked out the list of the designers too and it amazed me how Neiman Marcus has gathered so much excellence at one place!"

Final Thoughts

The Neiman Marcus reviews tell a lot of beautiful things about things global brands. With such a huge number of designers, it's impossible that you return empty-handed from this clothing haven. The sale promotions are also active at Neiman Marcus. Do check them out before it's too late.

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