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Find out when is Athleta semi annual sale 2023 and buy the best-oversized clothing for you. Also keep an eye on winter essentials & seasonal sales by Athleta!

Turn your head towards the most iconic clothing collection by Athleta! Just like the earth never stops revolving and ceases to give us different seasons, Athleta review brings the hot-shot wardrobe for women full of fashion according to the current season. This time, you will feel the blazing charisma of Athleta's new arrivals, winter essentials, and much more!


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Athleta Rewards: Get Free Shipping On Orders Over $50

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Athleta offers unique value to its customers with the mission of allowing women and girls to reach their limitless potential. And this can only be achieved by unlocking the power hidden in the Athleta activewear. No doubt the athleticism in women is an old story, but due to lack of resources and mindset, no one literally ever cared about such clothing collection. With the passage of time, Athleta hit its maturity and realized the actual problem. It was nothing but to start providing gym to street-styled fashion for women of all sizes.

Let's have an overview of Athletas's journey.

Athleta – An Overview

Athleta was born with a vision in 1998. That vision is the cornerstone of Athleta even today that tells that while people rummage here and there to fulfill their so-called clothing fantasy, the group of athletic women was left behind. This brand then took the wheel and started sailing on the road where women of any size are respected and provided with the catalog of curated activewear.

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Athleta Review

In 2008, GAP acquired Athleta for mutual business expansion. The core team behind Athleta then put the pedal to the metal and became physically active. The first store of Athleta was launched in 2011 in Mill Valley, CA. With the growing desires of customers, Athleta discovered the customer's buying pattern with the changing season and started to target the market. Such strategic decision-making by the executives showed colors, and today, there are 160+ Athleta stores offering top-class activewear for women of all sizes.

Power of SHE

Athleta clothing brand is run by diversified women with experience in design, athletics, and women-empowerment campaigns. The like-mindedness behind Athleta's successful business is due to that group of women. In 2016, Athleta launched POWER OF SHE as an overall guideline. The motive of this mantra is to be pragmatic in every sphere of life, no matter what!

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In 2018, Athleta was enlisted in the Certified B Corporation businesses because of its fulfillment of commitment towards humanity and the environment, transparent dealing with the public, and legal accountability. Not only this, Athleta is currently a part of multiple social welfare campaigns like the disabled community and underprivileged.

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Integrity by Athleta

When Athleta became one of the most stable clothing brands, it never stopped serving humanity in different ways. Every word by Athleta is a reflection of its actions. No matter how challenging a situation is, this clothing brand doesn't compromise on its core values.

In 2022, Athleta shared its annual statistics and goals that are specific to the United States zone. The mission is constant, while the activities keep on upgrading and varying. The phase shift in the shopping trend also gave the opportunity to Athleta to ease the way of shopping for the customers who can't visit Athleta's physical stores. Now they can apply the Athleta healthcare discount for the overall betterment of business and community.

When is Athleta Semi Annual Sale 2022?

The Athleta semi-annual sale 2022 is ON! And it will last for four weeks. In Athleta's semi-annual sale, the following items are in promotion of up to 60% off!

• Bottoms

• Tops

• Jackets

• Dresses


Athleta Girl High Rise Stash Your Treasures Tight - Price: $54 At Athleta 

The best fit for your school, play, or workout mood! This pair of active trousers has a super-stretch feature that enables you to reach your untouchable heights. While it's apparently minimal, it has the potential to make you soar high in the sky of success.

Soft fabric, easy fitting, and breathable knitting, all these factors make the Athleta Girl High Rise Stash Your Treasures Tight your perfect wardrobe this season!


Athleta Girl Power Up Top - Price: $49 At Athleta 

A super-comfy top that makes you ready to reach new heights. With the perfect stitching, the texture skims on her body with 0 friction. The thumbholes keep the sleeves intact, making her look unbeatable.

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Black Athleta Girl So Toasty Tugga Sherpa Midi Jacket - Price: $99 At Athleta 

Beat the chilled winds in the cold weather with the Sherpa Midi Jacket! The luxurious fit is capable enough to warmth your torso and gives you the best outerwear experience. Once she wears this jacket, her confidence will sky-rocket. The continuous support from the side pockets is another reason why customers love this winter-essential so badly.

The fabric is made from recycled polyester that saves not only her but Mother earth too, who is highly susceptible in 2022.


Grey Heather Nep Athleta Girl Kickin ' It Pant - Price: $55 At Athleta 

An optimal choice for school and training classes! If you are looking for a pair of cozy Kickin' It Pant, this one's for her then. The extra flashy style embedded in this pair is the epitome of kids' fashion. While the design is slightly creative, she won't easily let go of these pants.

This pair of trousers keep her on alert every time. Every move is calculated. With so much sharpness in reflexes, it would be a mistake to close the distance with her, whether during the training or wherever she is standing in that pair of cozy pants.


Cozy Karma Side Zip Funnel Neck - Price: $43.97 At Athleta 

Keeping the word, Athleta's oversized clothing has the best response so far! Even during the pandemic, women spent their days in this clothing. The Cozy Karma is fluffy that gives extra warmth when you try to warm up your body.

The side-zippers are helpful in adjusting your perfect size. At the same time, some people complained that the side-zippers look a bit funny and out of date. This size has been manufactured by keeping in mind the varying measurements. The bulkiness, however, is a rational issue. But again, it's a tradeoff. The more you care for your size, the more compensation you would have to make with Athleta's clothing.


Natural Tugga Coat - Price: $159 At Athleta 

If you are a rover, you have to keep the Tugga Coat in your backpack. This is specially made for nature lovers. For people who love to hike and trek during any season, this winter coat becomes a partner in their journey who keeps the body temperature moderate. The sleekness in its texture is one of the reasons why fashion lovers never forget this coat when they hit the road towards snowy mountains and icy landscapes.


Beyond Soft Cozy Karma Asym Pullover - Price: $108 At Athleta 

The unique design in clothing always brings boldness to the wearer! Athleta's mission of igniting the flame of limitless potential in all girls and women is reflected in the Cozy Karma Asym Pullover! Its super-fine texture and roomy interior give additional support to her on her voyage. Despite the challenges, her confidence will never shatter.

The curvy hemline with overlapping boosts your charisma like never before. Get this pullover at a reduced cost when you apply the Athleta promotional code.


Partridge Brown Leapord Scarf - Price: $68 At Athleta 

Empowering women by the courageous Leopard Scarf! With so much elegance, you have the chance to ace this winter by keeping your fashion at its maximum with Athleta's winter essentials. This scarf is knitted with additional fabric to make its size more than suitable. You can wear it during travel, work, or a gathering.

When you wrap this scarf around your neck, the energy during the winter season gets a boost.

Customers' Reviews

"Perfectly stitched and made to stand against all odds! So brilliant collection of clothing. I'm in love with the super-stretch yoga pants that control my movement and keep me in control during my taekwondo classes."

"Premium quality without a doubt! The catalog is also full of curated dresses and clothing. I ordered the oversized sweatshirt and believe me, the parcel went beyond my expectation. I now trust Athleta more than ever!"

"Best size and super fit category! They are really doing an amazing job by providing oversized clothing for all girls and women. The customer service is also helpful and cooperative."

Final Thoughts

Athleta clothing brand offers a superb collection of activewear for girls and women of all sizes. The top curated wardrobes that made the clothing experience easier for athletic girls and women are easily available at Athleta online store. There are several discount opportunities too. Don't forget to grab them.

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