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Exclusive | Free Shipping On Your First Order

Exclusive | Free Shipping On Your First Order

Meals Starting From $9.99 Per Serving

Meals Starting From $9.99 Per Serving

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Meal Kits As Low As $11.49 / Serving

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The Sun Basket discounts are well suited to fight against your hunger pang!

Someone knocks on your door. It’s a courier guy with a parcel. You unwrap the parcel, and here it is the Sun Basket Meal Box! You open it up and discover how Sun Basket is taking care of its subscribers.

Don’t you worry anymore because Sun Basket has got your back whenever it comes to unrivalled appetite? The sublime meal boxes to help you in dealing with your hunger are here. Keep reading the Sun Basket review, and you will unlock the delicious mysteries at every step.

Leave Everything, Focus on One Thing!

Yes! And that’s your diet. A Sun Basket Subscription Box is only for you. Inside the Sun Basket meal box, you can only see the tasty pre-cooked food. But there is more, and that’s emotional support. Sun Basket cares for you, and it sends you a meal box that has not only food but utmost care and love.

Sun Basket Boxes


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The Sun Basket reviews are way more valuable than you think. Don’t miss anything from these reviews.

What is Sun Basket & How Does it Work?

Sun Basket is a subscription-based meal delivery service and comes under the umbrella of the meal kit industry. Based in San Francisco, Sun Basket ships the meal box, which contains pure and organic ingredients, spices, and Sun Basket recipes every week. Being totally eco-friendly, Sun Basket uses biodegradable boxes to save nature from further harm. In that way, Sun Basket loves you and the universe.

Sun Basket Review

The Sun Basket reviews are getting a good response. The unbiased review chain is one of the strongest backbones of Sun Basket. Apart from word of mouth and social media fag, Sun Basket is serving its subscribers very well. The whole menu is tasty, and there are several Sun Basket recipes that come directly from the chef’s mind!

Sun Basket is customer-friendly and manages the whole business operation smoothly. Although it’s not easy to preserve the food while shipping it, Sun Basket packs the meal box with perfection and makes it air-tight. You won’t find any kind of additional preservative and any similar potent chemical compound for food preservation.

Other than this, Sun Basket is highly responsible for keeping the earth green and clean. The source of packed food is authentic, and QC passed. The packing is recyclable as Sun Basket doesn’t want to be a burden on Mother Earth.

Also, if you want to cancel your subscription, Sun Basket allows you to do so without any restriction.

Work Cycle

Sun Basket gives you free-hand in ordering whatever you want. If you are diet conscious, Sun Basket has a low carb & fat meal plan. The issue of veg and non-veg is too resolved. Light meals with savoury sauces are available. You have everywhere to go, and that’s how Sun Basket makes you decide for yourself.

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Sun Basket - Meal Box Delivery

Step 1: Start with Dinner

You have to select at least two dinners weakly meal from Sun Basket. The serving is from 2 – 4 persons.

You can also select custom meal plans that are given:

  • Paleo
  • Carb-Conscious
  • Gluten-Free
  • Lean & Clean
  • Diabetes-Friendly
  • Chef’s Choice
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescatarian
  • Mediterranean
  • Fresh & Ready

The Sun Basket subscription box is the best option for a cost-friendly weekly meal plan. You just have to place your personalised order and wait for the delivery!

Step 2: Add from Breakfast, Lunch, & Supper Menu

Dinner isn’t a full-stop. You can add more and make a customised meal plan. The lunch and breakfast are a formality. You can add up snacks, confectionaries and speciality meats in your Sun Basket meal box.

Step 3: Sun Basket Meal Box Delivery

Your meal box is delivered on time. You have to wait not an additional minute & your door will ring!

The meal inside the box is cold. You have to follow simple cooking and heat instructions to make your food edible easily.

The Sun Basket discounts are offering discounted prices on their entire categories of meal boxes. The premium quality ingredients and delicious meals are 100% organic, responsible and from authentic resources.

Let’s move to some of the top Sun Basket recipes.

Spicy Southwestern Turkey and Sweet Potato Skillet

The famous western Turkish dish that’s full of spices. If you are looking for a tongue burner, then Spicy Southwestern Turkey and Sweet Potato Skillet is the best fit for your taste.

The aromatic cuisine makes your tastebuds praise the deliciousness of Sun Basket meal boxes and the food inside them.

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Sun Basket - Spicy Southwestern turkey and sweet potato skillet

The feedback about this spicy food is touching people's hearts because this food has a special aroma, unique taste, and more spiciness for an unforgettable taste.

Chicken Tikka Masala with Basmati Rice Pilaf

Get the taste of South-Asian cuisine in Chicken Tikka Masala and the famous Turkish pilaf. The blend of tikka masala has coconut milk to serve you fibre strength and enhance immunity. The top is adorned with green peas for a healthy & happy meal by Sun Basket.

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Sun Basket - Chicken Tikka Masala with Basmati Rice Pilaf

Read the Sun Basket review about Basmati Rice Pilaf, and you will be amazed that how a simple dish can delight your tastebuds with highly balanced ingredients and low spices.

Customer Review

Sunbasket Customer Reviews

Final Thought


Sun Basket is delivering superb meal boxes, and on top of that, their meal plans are affordable. The weekly subscription is the best way to receive fully customised dinner and lunch boxes from Sun Basket. If you are curious about the diet plan, they can guide you well. Sun Basket provides you free-hand in making your meal box of your choice.

Just make sure you read the review of all the cuisines because not everyone like every taste in the world!

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