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The place everyone looks for after an extremely tiring day is their bedroom. Is it the same case for you? Of course, the bedroom is the most relaxing and comfortable place in the entire house. 


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But wait, what makes this place so peaceful and calming? It is your bed, which can remove your tiredness within a few minutes. In simple words, the mattress on your bed plays a really vital role in providing a soothing environment. Believe me! An uncomfortable and painful mattress can ruin your day to a great extent. 

If you want to get a comfortable mattress for yourself, then go through this informative piece of research. It will tell you the four best mattresses available in Australia. When it comes to the comfort level, coziness, and relaxation points, these mattresses are among the fastest-selling home products.

Adele Horin Team endeavors to bring to you most recent topics and trending products reviews, limited bargains and other rebate offers from several of your most loved brands!

Best Mattress Brands Australia:

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  3. Giselle Mattress ->> Buy Now 3% OFF

Let’s start discussing each of the mattresses one by one.

1) Macoda Mattress Australia

Macoda Mattress Australia

$1,100 on

Calling the Macoda mattress a perfectly and beautifully designed comfortable foam mattress won’t be wrong at all. The company made more modifications and alterations to their product. Macoda has won an award as well. In 2020, within Australia, Macoda (mattress in a box) was successful in achieving the award for the best comfort.

The mattress design has been competing with other Australian mattress brands since 2018. So far, it is one of the most popular mattress brands that one can get in Australia. The hybrid structure of Macoda’s advanced foams along with the pocket spring is making it an excellent support for the users. The feature does not end over here. Want to know more? If yes, go through the informational sections below.

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What Are The Specs of Macoda Mattress? 

Receiving the best comfort mattress award itself says that the specs of the Macoda mattress are worth praising. Some of the prominent specifications of the Macoda mattress are:

  • Layers of the Mattress

We cannot forget Macoda when it comes to discussing the layering of any mattress. Keeping it simple, the manufacturers of Macoda pay 100% attention to the layering part because it is responsible for comforting the user. The combination of the sprint layer (support layer) and three comfort layers of foam is one of the reasons behind its fame.

  • Cover Layer:

The company aims to use bamboo fabric, which resembles the rayon fabric, to construct the cover layer. It maintains the coolness of the mattress. The purpose of this layer is to remove the moisture from the bed. Keeping the users comfortable on their surface is another duty of this layer.

  • Layer No.2:

The layering of latex (natural) is the topmost comfort layer of the Macoda mattress. This natural latex layer is an extremely responsive layer. It makes sure to provide a gentle and smooth bounce to the sleeping person. The layer naturally cools down the mattress.

  • Layer No.3:

Gel-infused foam or memory foam holds the second position in the comfort layers. This particular is a bit less responsive than the previous layer. It contours and only responds when the user applies pressure on the mattress. It even keeps away the warmth.

  • Layer No.4:

This polyurethane foam is the third layer of comfort levels. It is a firm support layer, which helps in maintaining the straight position of the spine.

  • Layer No.5:

Last but not least, the 5-zone layer is also another vital part of this mattress. Each support coil is packed and independent of each other. The mattress layer offers individual support. It does not worsen or even cause issues for the pressure points.

  • Weight and Dimensions

Do you want a Macoda mattress for every bedroom in your house? Then there might be different size bed frames. To overcome this issue, Macoda is providing five different sizes of mattresses to its customers. The Macoda’s mattresses sizes are:

  • Single:

30 kg

188 x 92 x 29 cm

  • Double:

43 kg

188 x 137 x 29 cm

  • King Single:

36 kg

203 x 107 x 29 cm

  • King:

59 kg

203 x 183 x 29 cm

  • Queen:

50 kg

203 x 153 x 29 cm

  • No Partner Disturbance

Sharing a bed with someone might be troublesome for a few people. But once you start using a Macoda mattress, this problem automatically solves. Sleeping with a partner does not remain a problem at all. Separate and pocketed springs, along with foam layers, tend to isolate the movement of your partner. It keeps the mattress still for the entire night.

Why Should I Buy a Macoda Mattress?

There are several reasons for which one should buy this Macoda mattress. The different sizes, unique materials, and many more specs attract everyone’s attention towards this product. But the advantages of this mattress do not end at this point. A few more pros are listed below.

  • Best Memory Foam Mattress Australia

The layering and materials that make up this mattress are more than enough to call Macoda the best memory foam mattress available in Australia. The foam takes your body shape and even reshapes or bounces back once you get up. It does not absorb the heat and keeps the temperature of the mattress cool even if you use it in a hot climate.

  • Relief Pressure

Are you a back sleeper or a side sleeper? If yes, then you must be aware of the pressure that exerts once you are sleeping. Don’t worry! Buy a Macoda mattress for yourself and sleep peacefully. It alleviates and reduces the pain by aligning your spine in the right position.

Cons of Macoda

The first problem that some of you can face is the weight of this mattress. Some people find it heavy because moving this mattress isn’t an easy task. There are no such drawbacks reported by the customers of Macoda.

2) ECOSA Mattress Australia

ECOSA Mattress Australia

$1,099 on

Not only Australia, but Ecosa is also successful in gaining satisfied customers and their reviews from the United States as well. These mattresses are available in several American stores as well. Extending its sales from Australia to the United States, Hong Kong, and New Zealand, Esoca is becoming one of the fastest-selling mattresses in these states.

Unique construction to maximize comfort for the users, along with maintaining versatility, are the main aims of Esoca. This customizable bed consists of adjustable layers of foam, innovative designs, and many more features. Once you buy an Ecosa mattress, you won’t need to buy any other mattress for a long time. It is one of the best customizable foam mattresses that are available in Australia. To learn more about the specifications, have a look at the sections below.

What Are The Specs of Ecosa Mattress? 

Whatever we have mentioned above is a fact about the Ecosa mattress. These specifications will further prove the reasons behind Ecosa gaining such popularity.

  • Best Firm Mattress Australia – Adjustable Firmness

This Australian memory foam mattress (Ecosa G-7) consists of three different layers. The arrangement of layers can get changed in order to adjust the firmness. These levels depend upon which layer (firmness layer) is present at the top that is close to your body.

The levels of firmness on the firmness scale are:

  • Medium: 6/10
  • Medium-firm: 7/10
  • Firm: 8/10

The layering is as follows:

  • Medium:

Foam of cooling gel is present above the Eco-Tex foam, while the support foam is below the Eco-Tex foam.

  • Medium-Firm:

For medium-firm, the Eco-Tex foam is at the topmost position. The cooling gel foam is beneath and supports the foam at 

  • Firm:

Putting the support foam at the upper position and flipping the Ecosa G-7 mattress produces the firm level.

  • Dimensions and Measurements

The Ecosa mattress does not limit its production to one size. In simple words, you can get different sizes according to your comfort and needs. Starting with a single-size mattress and ending at a super king size mattress, Ecosa has seven different sizes.  

  • Single:

21 kg

92 x 188 x 25 cm

  • King Single:

26 kg

107 x 203 x 25 cm

  • Long Single:

23 kg

92 x 203 x 25 cm

  • Double:

30 kg

138 x 188 x 25 cm

  • Queen:

35 kg

153 x 203 x 25 cm

  • King:

42 kg

183 x 203 x 25 cm

  • Super King:

50 kg

203 x 203 x 25 cm

  • Construction of Ecosa

Coming towards the foam construction of this mattress, Ecosa consists of three different and unique kinds of foams. Along with offering firmness level, these foams serve other purposes as well. The following are three different foams present in the Ecosa mattress.

  • Gel memory foam:

The manufacturers infuse a 1.5” layer of this gel memory foam (high-density) and cooling particles of gel. The task of this gel is to control and maintain the temperature of your mattress. It prevents your bed from getting hot.

  • Eco-Tex:

Eco-Tex foam is basically a 1.5-inch layer foam (open-cell). The Tex portion holds the responsibility of maintaining the bounce of the foam. In this process, it also mimics latex. Due to the open-cell arrangement, the flow of air increases, which, in turn, carries away the heat.

  • Support Foam:

The size of this outer layer is 6.5”. This ergonomic foam provides sufficient space for curving around the wide-body parts. The foam is capable enough to support your spine so that it can remain aligned.

Why Should I Buy the Ecosa Mattress?

If the specs aren’t enough to help you in finalizing your decision, then these pros will, for sure, bring your mind towards a final decision.

  • Trial for 100 Days

Everyone likes to invest in such a product that offers a trial period. In simple words, knowing the quality of a mattress is impossible until and unless you have a sleep on that mattress. Ecosa not only aims to provide you maximum coziness but also promises to satisfy you completely. It offers you a trial period of 100 days. If you are not feeling satisfied with your mattress, then you can get your money back.

  • Warranty

The warranty for this mattress covers a period of 15 years. Isn’t it an attractive policy? The Ecosa warranty covers all defects and issues that relate to the craftsmanship and original materials. 

Cons of Ecosa

It is impossible that a product does not contain any cons. The same goes for the Ecosa mattress. Yes, there are some drawbacks to this mattress. But these cons won’t cause any critical problems for you. Firstly, the softest foam configuration of Ecosa is medium-firm. It means there are no options for softness. Secondly, the support at the edges is not as strong as needed. Therefore, you need to be a bit attentive while sitting on the edge of the Ecosa mattress.

3) Giselle Bedding Memory Foam Mattress Australia

Giselle Bedding Memory Foam Mattress Australia

$349 on

Do you want to add an additional bit of coziness, comfort, and relaxation to your bedroom mattress? Yes, everyone wants to sleep and relax peacefully on their bed after a hectic day. To do so, they must have a high-quality, affordable, and comfy mattress. Those who are willing to get all these features in a single bed must read this product.

We are going to discuss one of the most popular mattresses in Australia. The Giselle bedding memory foam mattress is one of those bedroom products that everyone wishes to have. This eco-friendly and restful mattress will never make you regret your decision. The cool gel topper present in this mattress is yet another attractive feature of this mattress. Are these features developing your interest in this product?

What Are the Specs of Giselle Bedding Memory Foam Mattress?

Do you want to find out the specs of this mattress, which makes it one of the best mattresses in Australia? The specifications that everyone must know before purchasing this mattress for their bed are:

  • Dimensions and Sizes

The first key spec that will decide whether this mattress is suitable for your bedroom or not is the size and dimension of the Giselle mattress. Giselle bedding memory foam mattress is available in four basic sizes. In other words, these sizes are one of those dimensions that are usually present in everyone’s house. It means you won’t need to struggle with them.

  • Double:

190 x 137 x 8 cm

Item weight – 6.3 kg

  • King:

203 x 183 x 8 cm

Item weight – 8.9 kg

  • Queen:

203 x 153 x 8 cm

Item weight – 7.5 kg

  • Single:

190 x 90 x 8 cm

Item weight – 4.25 kg

  • Mattress Design

The design of this mattress deserves loads of appreciation. Giselle bedding memory foam mattress has a unique, innovative, and exceptional design, especially for side sleepers. The design of this Australian mattress includes:

  • It consists of a 7-zone molded or outlined design.
  • The mattress includes an open-cell configuration (structure), which is responsible for minimizing heat production.
  • This mattress design has four significant sections, such as a removable zipped cover of bamboo, inner cover (knitted in the mattress), infused memory foam of bamboo charcoal, and a non-slip bottom.
  • More Than a Thousand Supporting Points

These more than a thousand supporting points are the most important and distinctive features of Giselle bedding memory foam mattress. The purpose of these points is to distribute the weight equally. Some of the zones that this mattress supports are:

  • Head Zone:

The head zone makes sure to provide a comfortable posture for the head.

  • Shoulder Zone

The shoulder zone helps in relaxing both of your shoulders.

  • Lumbar and Hip Zone

This zone works for the spine and hip parts. Aligning these parts straight is really necessary.

  • Knee Zone

The mattress adjusts your knees according to your sleeping posture – memory foam.

  • Lower Leg Zone

Keeping the legs straight, relaxed, and in a resting position is the duty of this zone.

Why Should I Buy Giselle Bedding Memory Foam Mattress?

Knowing the benefits of any mattress before purchasing it is as needed as learning its specifications. Therefore, we will highlight some of the benefits of buying a Giselle mattress.

  • Removable Cover

No one wants to sleep on a dirty mattress. But washing the bed mattress is a challenging task. After removing the removable mattress cover, you can wash it easily. The makers zip the mattress in jacquard fabric. It offers a spectacular appearance and a high-quality look.

  • Best Mattress Brand Australia

Giselle mattress deserves this title because of its ability to minimize the stiffness of the bed. It provides a soft texture, which helps to make your bed a relaxation point. Moreover, the material of this mattress helps to regulate and improve the flow of air.

Cons of Giselle Bedding Memory Foam Mattress

Although Giselle is the top Australian mattress brand, some people are not happy with its performance. The mattress sometimes gets a bit hot, which can be uncomfortable.


Summing it up, buying a proper, soft, and comfortable mattress for your bedroom plays a chief role in relaxing your body. It is responsible for maintaining body posture and shape as well. Try to go for mattresses that are capable enough to provide you with painless sleep. We hope that the bed mattresses discussed above will help you in getting one for yourself. 

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