Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners Australia 2024 - Reviews & Buyer's Guide

Looking for the best robot vacuum cleaners in Australia? Read our comprehensive reviews and buyer's guide to discover the top-performing and most reliable robot vacuum cleaners in 2023. Find the perfect automated cleaning solution for your home with our expert recommendations, features comparison, and helpful tips.

As we are living in the 21st century and everyone out there is advanced in this neoteric time. People are more intelligent and stronger in their thoughts. Doing housing, cleaning, and gardening is one of the kinds some do not like to do at all. Nevertheless, for floor cleaning robot vacuum cleaner system has intelligent programming and a limited vacuum system. It is considered to be an autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner.

Which Robot Vacuum Cleaner Empties it-Self?

The iRobot Roomba i7+ is the vacuum cleaner that empties itself. The original design included laboring operation over self-drive and remote control which authorized the machine to polish individualistic without any anthropoid sway. Some designs of the vacuum considered use gyrating brushes to reach limited space tight corners and some may include several cleaning feature systems along with the vacuuming feature of squeegeeing, UV Sterilization, etc. The advantage of using a robotic vacuum cleaner is how it is compared to the regular vacuuming system cleaner.

What are the Specific Features of these Robots Vacuum Cleaner?

They are a D-shaped vacuum cleaner that helps grime to capture from the tight and free corners and is organized as of daily cleaning. These vacuums also have a thousand mAh of power constituent that is enough to grasp a country house of the two-hundred-meter square which takes about a hundred minutes to scrub and regular charge time is five to six hours per day. They also do have sensors in them and most of the robotic vacuum cleaner includes an anti-drop and anti-bump IR sensors. It has an anti-winding system that keeps the robot vacuum cleaners, which helps when looming barriers it will automatically revolve away and the anti-twining system prevents robots from getting twined by wires.

Which Robot Vacuum is the Best?

They can be considered as more favorable in their usage so vacuums vacuum it-self. The cleaners can be kept anywhere like under couches, bureaus, or even in wardrobes, although, juxtaposed to methodical vacuum cleaning systems it demands a huge amount of space to be kept in the house which is pretty obvious not an appreciable thing. However, a robotic vacuum cleaner takes more time to vacuum unlike a regular vacuum system due to its size and also they are relatively more expensive. The best robot vacuum cleaner Australia that is available on are:

1) Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Australia Reviews

Best Vacuum Cleaner Robot -

$1,004 on

If you are looking for a cheaper and inexpensive option for a robot vacuum cleaner then ROOMBA 675 is the best option for you. It is a budget robot cleaner with enough power and the right choice for users to make them happy to no end. The only difference between Roomba 690 of Roomba 675 is that it is quite expensive with the lack of an implicit wall. Its design is familiar to the robot vacuum 614 but after all, discontinued from the conventional market and is only available from the retailers. Similarly, it has a midway CLEAN button on the vacuum with minimalist controls for easy usability. Also, whenever there is a need there is a promote handle on the top that allows you to carry the Roomba to another place.

Roomba is wrapped with the soft bumper wrappers in the front half of the Roomba 675, protecting your furniture as well as the robot itself from hitting up to the hurdle around the house. It has a clasp that allows its access to the dustbin and filters out for quick maintenance. There is a reason to think that the Roomba 675 wouldn’t perform just as well as the Roomba 690 based on the specifications from iRobot known for hardware and the other factors. The iRobot Roomba Vacuum cleaner 675 costs up to $199.99.


  • WIFI connectivity
  • Best Cleaning performances
  • Runtime
  • HEPA filtration system


  • Comes at a low-budget price
  • Comfortable for the users
  • Includes WIFI connectivity for control from your smartphone, tablets, and even from Amazon Alexa, which is obviously a voice control


  • It has a lower cleaning performance than the neoteric advanced models
  • It has a basic HEP filtration system and dirt detection technology

2) DEEBOT 500 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner Australia Reviews 2023

Ecovacs - Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner

$318 on

Ecovacs Deebot 500 is an inexpensive robot vacuum with proceeding attributes like appliance jurisdiction and smart-home. The Deebot 500 is the second Ecovacs model suitable in the elucidation though it does not append anything to the Deebot 601’s benefactions, as it cleans just as capably and seems to negotiate way better as well. Besides, some dis-similarities with the logo emplacement, the Deebot 500 is near to the design of the Deebot 601. It measures about 12.9 x 12.9 x 3.1 inches that are lean enough to helm betwixt and under the furnishings of the house also it has a sole numerous-functioned button on the top of the vacuum cleaner that wakes up and competence down the vacuum as well as initials the auto cleaning system.

The people who have used the Deebot 500 have said that the Deebot 500 setup requirements are much the same as the other Deebots they have used before. It is controlled by the power switch inundated in the side of the vacuum and then set to its imposing port. To use this vacuum cleaner, download the Ecovacs Home app and select the ‘500’ from the list of Deebots models. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect to your home WIFI network. The Ecovacs Deebot 500 robotic vacuum cleaner costs up to $149.99.


  • It has smart motion
  • Automatic Charging
  • Works up to 110 minutes featuring Runtime and 520 mL Dustbin
  • Inbounded with scheduled cleaning
  • Auto, Edge, and Spot Modes and work great on hard and soft floors such as carpets and floors.
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Voice Assistant command


  • It has an app control of real-time and historical cleaning data.
  • Max suction mode doubles its power more
  • It supports Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice command


  • It does not support room mopping capabilities
  • It does not have a lot of features or does not have performance compared to the less-expensive Deebot N79S

3) Eufy RoboVac 11s Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner Australia Reviews

BoostIQ - The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner

$320 on

When it comes to Eufy RoboVac 11s you don’t have to spend a lot of your possessions to get an exceptional robot vacuum. It is an updated version of vacuum cleaners on our favorite forecast models. What’s better than this? It delivers powerful and efficient cleaning recital in a more condensed form of factors for the same amount. While in Eufy RoboVac 11s you won’t find advanced features like any app or voice controls. It is one of the quietest vacuums we’ve tested and little enough to clean everything in your home.

It is the best option for you if you have low-clearance furniture or a paper-thin wall. In short, it is an affordable and frills-free robot vacuum cleaner that is small enough to clean the truncated furniture in your house. It looks very familiar to the original RoboVac 11. It is comprised of a circular body that is unlit in color. The unlit-colored body makes the ‘Eufy logo’ slightly less noticeable. The thing that makes it perfect to use is that it is smaller in size. It is measuring of 12.8 inches in diameter and 2.8 inches tall while the original one is 13.0 inches in diameter and 3.0 inches in height.


  • Shortest robotic vacuum cleaner
  • 100% hands-free cleaning
  • The highest suction power of 1300Pa
  • The Cleaning time is up to 100 minutes.
  • Uses intelligent BoostIQ technology


  • Quite affordable
  • Compactable
  • It is Noise-free
  • Strong cleaning performance
  • Good battery life


  • No app controls or google voice assistant command
  • Limiting scheduled options

4) iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Australia Reviews 2023

iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaner -

$767 on

Is there something else more comforting than a forthcoming home to a spotless floor? The iRobot Roomba 690 is an effective and cheapest stability cost with the ease of using an app to order your robotic toys around. It is a good option for the ones who are looking for a convenient cleaning session. The Roomba 690’s grime directions system takes a little longer time to do cleaning session of the house and for it first detects and then abolishes the dirt. The cleaning recital is way more powerful and incredibly strong for a robot at such a lower price. Unlike other vacuums, the Roomba 690 does not contain an evocation feature. The robot vacuum has a diameter of 13 inches and a weight of 7.8 pounds with a circular design with ample bumpers around the edge. The three buttons of the 690 are on the center which refers to a clean, double clean, and power button.

iRobot Roomba 690 supports WIFI connectivity, fine-tuned expositive lights above with the buttons on them. The Roomba’s command is placing the base in the location. This is a smaller area than that required by the Shark Ion, which recommends 3 feet on each side and 5 feet in front. Though you can manually operate iRobot Roomba 690 from any of your phones either its android or IOS. Similarly, the Roomba does not include remote, so that we can miss it. This Roomba works with Amazon Alexa and Google Auxiliary support. This Roomba work is quite interesting. Basically, we were impressed by how well the 690 moved around the dining and other furniture of the house and never got stuck in one of them. iRobot Roomba costs are up to $376.86.


  • WIFI Connectivity
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Command


  • App –easy to use
  • Move well in tight areas
  • Cheaper and affordable


  • Noise is loud
  • The dustbin is so easy to remove

5) iRobot Roomba i7+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner Australia Reviews 2023

$2,166 on

The iRobot Roomba i7+ is the vacuum that empties itself and learns the layout of your homes. It is a luxurious vacuum cleaner that cleans up itself like it is unbelievable. It is a vacuum with clean base mechanical grime control and discarding is the new twist in these robot vacuums for the ones who are allergic to handling dust. This is a WIFI-connected robot and can clean specific rooms on demand. Though, it is marked to be the best robotic vacuum cleaner of 2019.

The depiction of the vacuum is impressive with a premium-looking plastic with charcoal gray on the top of it and a wide black bumper on the front. The logo on the top secretes a carrying and handles a sits above a prominent center named with the ‘CLEAN’ button. The iRobot Roomba i7+ is controlled by the Robot Home app using android or IOS. It was a consistent process to connect the robot to our phone and WIFI neural net. The best thing is it connected faster with the app and our WIFI network than the Roomba 690 did. You can see cleaning of this Roomba may be quite scary, you will be in the room and the Roomba will enter, clean, move around the floor, pauses, and head towards another area at a slightly different angle.


  • Empties itself
  • Superior mapping
  • Looks great on paper


  • Excellent navigation
  • Able to clean one room
  • The clean base is easy to empty
  • Fast cleaner


  • Expensive
  • Noise is very loud
  • Cleaning could be rough


The robot vacuum cleaner is the best addition of this time for our homes and provides you with more time to do the things that you enjoy most. You don’t have to worry about cleaning with these robots’ vacuum cleaners. That is unless your necessary thing until you can enjoy whatever you want to do and whatever you love. These robots vacuum will play an important role in our life in the coming time with their work. Robot vacuums are compressed and will not take up too much additional space in your house. They could be placed anywhere and anytime under couches, wardrobes, and whatsoever. They are absolutely a great addition to our home cleaning workings. They are not quite advanced enough to replace your trusty stanchion or cylinder vacuums or your regular vacuums yet. These robotic vacuums are the best thing that happened in this neoteric time.

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